My keen interest in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY drew me to the art exhibit about Coney Island at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford, CT.

Ahead of time I wondered about the level of engagement I could achieve. What kind of opportunity would there be for conversation for a solo traveler at this Museum?

I lucked out -  the tour I joined had less than 10 people on it. A good sign! Engagement came from making comments and sharing my own experiences in Coney Island with the docent and tour participants.  Revisiting the exhibit on my own, I was equipped with new details to share with others who were enjoying the exhibit.

I was surprised how adult the artifacts and media were.  I gained precious insights about how people chose to enjoy Coney Island. Much of the "draw" of Coney Island was actually off the beach!

There was an interactive coloring opportunity to add to a mural - perhaps it was for the children. When I sat down, people first looked at me, but then other adults soon joined in. 

I enjoyed the post card exhibit where museum goers could record a Coney Island memory and add it to a display for others to read.

Can a museum be more than a quiet place to reflect while traveling solo? The answer is yes, however it does require  the solo traveler to stimulate some discussion and to look for opportunities.

How do you engage others as you visit a Museum as a solo traveler?